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Then i am sure you will like your M80. But every speaker need the right equipment.

Aside from my Energy RC speakers, I have a decent pre/pro and amp setup with the Yamaha 667 and an Emotiva UPA-5. Also running dual eD A2-300s.

I just bought all my gear before I got orders to TDY for about 6 months. I have not even been able to set up my speakers and tried out all my gear yet and I still want a full set of Axiom M80s, VP180 and QS8s. I do like my RC-50s a whole bunch, though. I just cannot get away from all the enthusiasm of the Axiom brand.

Speakers: Energy RC-70s, RC-LCR, RC-Rs and eD A2-300 x 2.
Receiver: Marantz 6006