I've had my M80's for about 6 months now. I bought them because I generally listen at a low volume and wanted full range speakers that would reproduce the full spectrum at a comfortable level for me. After a period of time I've concluded that for me these speakers require a little more volume than I desire to do the job...but they do it very well and so I've resigned myself to listen a notch higher than I prefer. But when the volume is raised these speakers are remarkable. I am a dedicated critical classical music listener and with this kind of music, in its various genres, the dynamic range(s) required does not lend itself to low volumes for many pieces (chamber music and instrumental music are better suited to lower volumes). I did listen to some "pop" initially and they sounded wonderful. In any case I really don't think I could have done better given the great price, aesthetic appeal of the speakers and overall quality of sound. They're driven by an 80's vintage 55 watt Denon stereo receiver designed for 4 to 8 Ohm speakers.

Previously I had a very good satellite speaker system from Speakerlab, which was especially designed for digital reproduction in 1979. It was a kit and I still use the sub today...but the sub too needs replacement as the technology has advanced so much since then. I probably could spend a few to several hundred dollars and get a better sub reaching well down below 25Hz which are the specs for my sub.

I did enjoy the very open sound stage of my Speakerlab's and miss it to some degree...but they the mid-range was not as full or, in my opinion, as "complete" coming from the M80's...and mid-range reproduction is essential for my listening. As an aside, I initially purchased M60's and was not happy...so I upgraded to the M80's before the 30 day home trial was over. That was a great decision for me and that made all the difference.