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Here is the list of speaker i have own these last 3 years.

Wharfedale Diamond 9.2
Focal 705s
Paradigm Mini Monitor V5
Tannoy R2
Wharfedale Evolution 40
Quad 22L
Monitor Audio RS6
Quad 22L2
Monitor Audio RX6
Focal 826V
Axiom M3

And then Axiom M80... and i own them for about 6months now and i wont change them for nothing. For the price you wont find anything better than M60/80. They deliver incredeble sound for the price and they look georgous too. The only speaker who were actually "better" were the Focal 826V, but it's a 3500$ range.

Nice list of speakers you've auditioned! The Focal 700's & 800's are my short list of speakers to audtion...which also will include the Studo 60/100's, Psb Imagine T, KEF Q's and XQ's and maybe some Totems. If none of these speakers really WOW me...I could likely consider some 80's.