Hey Jason!

Funny thing is that I've given away Wharfedales, loads of Axioms, but never Michauras. Can't get them anymore!

Although they use the Axiom 3/4" titanium tweeter instead of the 1" unit and although the cabinets are smaller than the corresponding Axiom speakers, I think because of their unique hexagonal shape they have a wonderful sound quality. I picked most of my M22 like M55s up for $19 a piece plus a huge Ubid shipping cost, I don't remember what I paid for the M50 like M66s and I think I paid ~$150 each for the M60 like M665s, but no one should think less of these speakers because of the blow-out prices they were offered at.

If you make it down to California, I'll give you the audio tour and grill some steaks for you. I'm sure we can find you a beer as well.

Enjoy the Music. Trust your ears. Laugh at Folks Who Claim to Know it All.