Greetings from Vancouver Island - first post to this Forum.

As I recently posted to the 'Stereo Forum' I am a longtime Axiom listener & still use my 1991 AX2s plus vintage Velo F1000 in my audio only system.

As for my separate HT, in my untreated 2500 cu ft room I've been using my 'too' expensive Sony Kf-50XBR800 Rear Projection TV from 2003 (HDMI/DVI) for all of these years. It still works beautifully on its second bulb; however, I think that I'm one of the last people still using this old technology, ha!!

Sound was provided by a big Sony SA-VA55 tower speaker system that featured an internal amp in the left tower & wireless IR to the rears (I'm on a slab). But alas, even though it still provided decent sounds for many years, the original Pro Logic decoding with mono rear channels became obsolete for today's sound tracks.

This summer I started updating my HT sound system in stages in order to spread out the costs. I started with twin Velodyne DLS-3750R 10" subs that FS had on clearance at $300 CAD each (Velodyne's new website price is $599/$550 US with no international shipping!!). I then bought the last Denon AVR-891 online from Best Buy Canada for $450 vs list of $800.

I resurrected a couple of vintage speakers from the early 1980s - a pair of Koss M/80 Dyna Mite bookshelfs & RS Minimus 7s for the rears - to use while I waited to purchase some Axioms. My temporary system actually sounds surprisingly good to my ears. After the Audyssey setup, the twin subs really rattle the house & nicely vibrate my leather couches. The diminutive Koss M/80s perform astonishingly well for their size & age; however, I'm scared that some of the peak levels will cough their drivers out onto the floor, ha!

My elegant Sony TV stand is space challenged, so inserting a center speaker is difficult (although it seems that the VP100 will fit). I will experiment with my present fine Sony SS-LAC305ED center speaker to see how it blends with my new system.

Last weekend I won 2 Axiom auctions of M22s plus QS4s at substantial savings - much less stressful than e-bay!!. They have shipped & should be here early next week. I'll be using the 2 Velos as speaker stands for the M22s as they are really nice looking subs. They fit perfectly - nicely flanking the TV stand.

In anticipation of the Axiom arrivals, yesterday I spent three hours on my knees removing baseboards, hiding rear wires & replacing the boards. I didn't break anything, but it wasn't fum. Unfortunately, hole filling & touchup painting is now in my future.

So, for about $1860, I think that I'll have a quality system that is appropriate for my moderately sized room.

Comox, BC