Yup, being retired, I am able to spend lots of time researching - perhaps too much time - on the net. Fine forums like this are such a wonderful depository of knowledge.

While I am a long time audio & video enthusiast, I do not drive myself crazy trying to determine or optimize every nuance of a recording. While audio performance is the main concern, aesthetics are very important as well. The system has to look good & balanced in my room, although it may not be absolutely ideal for sound. Highly critical listening is not my thing - I just try to enjoy the material. I therefore am not subject to that horrible affliction - chronic upgraditis, ha!

My longstanding experience with my Axiom AX2s brought me back to the Axiom fold even though I auditioned many speakers locally. Hopefully my new Axioms will bring me just as much pleasure as my vintage set has over the past 20 years....

Comox, BC