My M22s & QS4s arrived all OK yesterday. They exude a fine, high quality appearance. The M22s perched on top of my twin Velo subs look really nice - at least to me.

The powered wall mounts for the QS4s are really slick & convenient; however, my initial Audyssey calibration has the surrounds out of phase, although they sound fine to me with Avia's test tones & I'm sure that they are hooked up correctly. More investigation required I guess.

Initial music testing with the Clapton/Winwood DVD in stereo sounds great although more tweeking may be required. I'll report back with my impressions when it's finally set up.

I'm sending some pics to include in the 'Wall of Fame'.

As for the differences between the AX2s & M22s, I won't A/B them as the AX2s are set up in my audio only system upstairs.

Comox, BC