I guess I'll chime in here, too. I went with the M22s, QS8s and the VP150 for the center when I put my modest HT together a few months ago. I can tell you that it all sounds, well, really good. This is in a fairly big log home great room with a vaulted ceiling that peaks at 20 feet. The seating is only about 8 or 9 feet from the main speakers. Frankly, I had no room for a bigger center and my seats are spread pretty wide. I liked the idea of two spread tweeters in the center to widen the sound field for dialogue. The system plays very clean (it sounds like near field studio monitors, to be honest) and loud enough to shake the logs (with the help of my Klipsch sub). I have no doubt that either the VP160 or the VP 180 would be "better", but I still think the VP150 is a better fit (both sonically and aesthetically) to the M22s.

Anyway, I have no regrets whatever in how my system sounds, especially when I remember the modest price.

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