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My experience is that with that much distance behind you direct radiating speakers will likely work better. In my rooms Iíve found the sweet spot for using QS8s as rear speakers is about 5-7 feet however, Iím sure that is also room (i.e. wall ceiling seating etc. . .) dependent. The only way you will know is to compare them.

Also IMO take general recommendations from Dolby, DTS and Audyssey with a grain of salt. Their recommendations are a good starting point but what really works best for a given situation is very dependent.

Iíve been considering trying out my M2s again on the back wall because with the depth of my room the panning of destrete sounds like voices in video games isnít moving as smoothly across the back as around the rest of the room. They donít quite jump from the left to the right side but the pan across the back is pretty quick. However, it might be just as simple as bumping up the sound level of the rear speakers a little.

The one problem I do find with using direct radiating speakers as rears is the its difficult to tell if a sound thatís supposed to be directly behind you actually is and not in front of you. When something pans like in a video game thatís not a problem because you hear it moving across the back OTOH if the sound starts there or stays there itís hard to tell itís behind you and not directly in front.

thanks for your input Grunt. how have you been buddy? i only referenced Dolby & DTS because they both do recommend for SB use that direct radiating speakers were best. i also see other folks with really deep rooms do the same and probably for the same reasons i am moving to them.

the QS8's i'm using for sides will of course stay as those incredible creatures create the best surround field i've ever heard. however from almost 15' from the listening position, i need directionality!

i'll keep ya posted buddy!
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