i got the speakers friday. i was able to simply swap them for the QS8v3's since the power/mounting is the same and that took all of 1 minute or so! wink

while i haven't re-calibrated the system yet, i did put on a couple of movies that were 7.1 and tried it out and the difference was immediate. i could hear channels 6&7 better than before and the effect was better given their distance from the main listening location.

i'll probably won't do a calibration for a while. we've got a lot of stuff upstairs from out of the basement because of the storm Sandy here along the East Coast. we have had flooding before and were being extra careful.

so hopefully in the next couple of weeks i'll do a re-calibration of the system and get back to you guys with a full report. with the brief testing i did with the movies i mentioned in the previous post, i am very happy with what i have heard!
Marantz AV7702MKII pre-amp
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