I've recently completed the Steve Jobs bio, and that of Mick Jagger. I've begun reading Keith Richards', and Springteen's is on deck after that.

As a pre-teen, the father of one of my friends was a sales manager for a magazine distributor, and once every couple of weeks or so he would bring home damaged comics. Ripped covers was enough to qualify. So my buddy and I would tackle a two foot tall stack of new comics pretty regularly. We read everything: DC, Marvel, even Disney stuff published by Gold Key, iirc.

In the end I found that I generally preferred the DC characters and stories. It was probably an age thing. I found the Marvel stuff more complex and often darker. These days, I'd probably prefer that. And if my interpretation is correct, it seems like that's how the market has gone of late anyway.

It disappoints me a little that my 13 yo son couldn't care less to read comics, though he goes through novels like a demon and has for years. We got him a Kindle for Christmas, and he loves it. Can I get him to read a comic or two on it? No....