I'm strongly considering some Axiom speakers and would like to solicit some thoughtful opinions on which model to choose.


My current listening room is 15 x 25 feet and is well damped with absorber panels
The speakers will be firing across the 15 foot distance
I do not listen at loud levels
I have amplifiers suitable for 4-ohm loads
I am more interested in soundstaging and delicacy than in high volume
I am interested in MUSIC, not in movie sound

I'm considering the M60 and M80 models. I have heard some V.3 M80s at a friend's house and liked them well. His room is smaller than mine, though, and because of that the individual locations of his drivers were discreet rather than blending together. It is probable that in the next few years, I'll be moving to a smaller house with rooms closer to the size of my friend's than my current room. I want a speaker that will work in both large and small rooms.

If anyone has had experience with BOTH the M60 and M80 models, I'd be extremely interested in which you might recommend to me and, perhaps more importantly, why. Before answering, please reread my "background information" section.

I've had good luck with bi-amplifying my current speakers (Definitive Technology SM65 monitors) and would also be interested in hearing from anyone who has bi-amplified their M60/80 speakers. What changes did you hear?

Finally, is Axiom responsive to "special orders?" I might prefer my speakers to have a real wood veneer but in a high gloss (rather than semi-gloss) finish. Can Axiom accommodate special orders?

This is my first post on the Axiom boards, so please forgive any stupid questions. Thanks - Boomzilla
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