Hi all I have a problem with my new amp buzzing. I installed my 3 channel ADA1500 today. First off the amp buzzes by itself and when I attach the speakers it carries over to the speakers. I did not have this buzzing before (no ground loop problem).

I must mention that the amp is situated under the Pioneer Plasma as there was no room for it in the rack so I used some long RCA component cables I had to run from the NAD AVR to the amp. They are good quality cables from Blue Jeans. But I am wondering if this could be the problem as the buzzing is isolated to the front 3 speakers and not in any of the surrounds that are fed by the NAD AVR.

I have never used a dedicated amp before, do they usually make their own buzz with nothing else turned on? Also the speaker levels seem lower then they were prior but I have yet to re-calibrate.

Just wanted to get some insight before I call the Axiom Boys and maybe find a cause. I have done all the usual ground loop remedies and diagnoses.
Any help would be appreciated.
M80s VP180 QS8 SVS PC13 Ultra & 20-39PCi
NAD T785HD Oppo95
ADA 1500 Amp
Pio 151