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I'll do the same thing I do every Oscar's season. Totally ignore the event.

Bob. Do let me know how they get around the 'one thank-you' thing will you?

It didn't quite end up like that, but every nominee was made to turn in a "thank you" list beforehand. If they won, those names scrolled across the bottom of the screen as they walked up to the stage. There were only a small few for whom the music had to drown them out as they were finishing.

Counting the red carpet crap, it went from 7-midnight!

Chris Rock did a great job of not ignoring the 800 pound gorilla, over and over. Others joined in the lampooning.

Yes, you are all correct. None of you missed anything. I merely fulfilled a sub-cultural obligation.

(He DID mention, rather early on, that Jada Pinkett-Smith wasn't invited to the Oscars in the first place.)

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