I came across this simple chart in another debate that looks reasonable to me. How true the data is I don't know but it is probably as good as any:


Believe what you want & I'll stay with mine. That is the trouble with this subject. It seems that everything is based almost solely on beliefs on both sides - much like religion. The only truth in this whole fiasco is that nobody really knows what Mother Nature has in store. Our climate has continually changed ever since day one on this planet - long before humans were here - & will continue to do so until it is all over.

All of the phony, feel-good wealth redistribution schemes will not make one iota of difference in controlling climate trends; however, they will help to needlessly drain some treasuries even more to fatten others.

Having said all of that, the whole point is moot. There are dire situations that are looming on this planet - economic, political, ethnic, & religious turmoil along with over population - that will render Climate Change to be a very minor player, if at all.

I wouldn't worry about it...