Hello gentlemen. Been a while since I participated on this forum. I usually buy, enjoy, return to upgrade, enjoy some more….. Anyhow, I’m curious about the Axiom ADA amplifiers – particularly the ADA 1500. Considering this amp for my front stage (M100s and VP180). Actually considered the ADA a while back but other priorities popped up – but now I’m interested again. Maybe also an EP800 sub.

I have read a lot on this forum concerning amplifiers. Some argue they’re not necessary, some prefer tube over solid state – some just like to argue (lol). Axiom member recommendations include Monoprice, Rotel, Anthem, Emotiva, Outlaw, Integra, Crown, Odyssey, etc. But rarely do I see anyone recommending the Axiom ADA amps.

What’s up with that? Am I missing something? Should I look elsewhere for an amp?

Like always, your insight and advice are greatly appreciated.

Muchas gracias.

Note: Would have posted this in Advice from Axiom Owners but for some reason I don't get a New Topic option in that section.

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