Looking to consolidate and simplify. I use DBPower Amp to rip CD's. I have it set to perform a dual rip where it rips the CD to FLAC and MP3 simultaneously and drops both files into two different locations. I use FLAC for my home audio system, and MP3 for my vehicles. I just copy the MP3 files onto a USB drive.

DB PowerAmp isn't very user freindly and not a great music player. I just started using it because I want the best possible FLAC files I can get, and it does that well.

I hate I-tunes. I don't like how it makes me do things. But I can't stand those stupid water faucets that make you wave your hands frantically to keep the water on either.

If I have to fix tags, I use Foobar 2000. That seems to be the quickest, simplest software I've found for that.

I have tried Media Monkey for creating a playlist and fixing files, but it's slow and clunky, and I just don't like it.

Is there another music program I should try?