Pretty much all my music is from the 80's and early 90's . i have picked up some sacd's that are remastered from that era and they sound much better than the cd's but still too analytical for lack of a better term.I am not saying im right just my preference and i do use both formats. I dislike all the syncing and digging to find the music i want when i can pull out an album at will. Also the ticks and pops are not a real problem once you get into some upscale equipment and cartridges have improved immensely. A LLoyds stereo was definetly riddled with ticks and pops. Seeing what people will spend on a high end DAC i have no problem spending 3 to 4 thousand on a TT and mabe a grand on a cartridge. When i go to a concert thats analouge and so thats what i want to hear at home.

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