I jumped all over cd's when they came out and i thought they were great. But as time wore on i came realize they were all they were made out to be. Music label just wanted everyone to buy the same music all over again and most of the releases were terrible transfers. Then came the loudness wars which abused the abilities of digital to help make more record sales. Then all the shit about 48khz and 92 then 184 etc etc its all to just keep upselling the same music over and over. I can lay my hand on any record any time, and i dont always know what i want to listen too but i can thumb through my collection and something on the cover will strike a note with me and that will start my session. As i listen i will be reminded of other tunes and i will go get them and i will reflect on the album cover and think about the band or the artist none of which happens when i play a digital file. I didnt say you had to listen to vinyl i just said i prefer it. I listen to digital and i presume plenty of driver do too as they seem to like swerveing into my lane while browsing their playlists etc.

Check out Micheal Fremers website , analogue planet he has a video on there of him being interviewed and you will see he has thousands of records and can tell you about everyone of them , where they came from and where any particular one is and he is very emotional about all of them. No one gets like that over a digital file .

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