I'm contemplating 2 upgrades:

1) EP175 to EP500
2) VP150OW to VP180OW

The rest of my HT system would stay the same: 2xM22OW, 2xQS4, 2xM3 ceiling all powered by an Onkyo TX-NR656 in ATMOS configuration. This set-up is 90% Home Theater/Xbox use. For 2ch music, I listen elsewhere.

I'm fairly convinced of the subwoofer upgrade and will be emailing Ian and company soon for a quote as I'd like to pick it up directly in Dwight in July smile and possibly get something back on the EP175 (it was a refurb) and save on shipping. (We cottage in the area every year, lucky us!)

However, I'm not as sure the VP upgrade would be as noticeable and I'd be doing it more for aesthetics (I think the VP180 would look better under my 65" TV than the VP150). Would the VP180OW be overkill for the M22's (which I'm not changing, nor can afford to upgrade at the moment with Ian's customization offer :-p ).

Thoughts on the VP180 upgrade? Worth it from an audio point of view? I have no interest in the VP160OW.