If you are satisfied with how your M22 integrates with your SVSs, I suggest saving a few bucks and upgrading to the M22v4. The M22v4 has the new OhSoSweet tweeter and a re-worked cross-over to take advantage of advancements in Axiom's family of curves. Now I've never heard the M22v4 (only the M22Ti which I despised) but as you can see in my signature, I have the M3, M5 and M100 all v4. I heard the M3Ti and despised that as well. The M3v4 though sounds better than my old M80v2! And the M5 is twice the price but easily 4 times better than the M3v4. The M3v4 has an entirely new cross-over and the woofer doesn't rely on a mechanical filter.

Anyway, what I am trying to tell you is that Axiom made major changes to get to the amazing v4 sound. The sound is 3D...holographic. Read my reviews on the M3 and M5 product pages or my post "Out with the old and in with the new". I expect the M22 is the same. I wish I had it.

I saw you are running QS4s and QS8s. Man, am I ever glad I went to QS10HPs. Read my review on the product page. I don't have to upgrade to an Atmos receiver because they do what I call "virtual ATMOS". I was missing so much with the QS8s. I sit 11 feet away from them BTW and am doing 5.1 only because I've seen no benefit from 7.1 no matter what speakers I stick in the back.

P.S. You can trade in your M22v3 for v4.

A-LFR/1000-8 & 2/500v4x2
had v2