I've seen that on other forums as well, but this forum is largely inactive and now is pretty laid back.

The Axiom website should be an open forum, friendly and welcoming about audio in general and Axiom audio products in particular. It should be a good thing for Axiom and a strong counter-voice to the trolls on so many audio sites who bash Axiom speakers.

At one time, we discussed speakers, modifications, and such explosive topics as vinyl, tube amplification, speaker wire, power cords and interconnects. This provoked some hostile reactions from those who know too much and pretty soon these discussions ended. These same folk were also pretty unwelcoming to outsiders (non or potential Axiom owners) who took the hint, didn't come back and in general this site went to sleep.

Then along comes Mr. Mojo who single handed injected some life into our forums. I don't know how it was that Mojo rubbed Craig the wrong way. That is very unfortunate because both are so valuable to this forum.

Let a thousand flowers bloom! I hope Craig takes his Axioms off the for-sale site and comes back. We'll see.

Enjoy the Music. Trust your ears. Laugh at Folks Who Claim to Know it All.