I've had this thought for a while now and the thread on music you've never heard brought it to a head, my head actually. A car audio forum I used to frequent had a cdr that they mailed around between themselves, each person adding a song that was exceptional in some way- SQ high on the list. This exposed others to music they may never have heard.
So what do you all think of doing something similar here? The Amazon samples are pretty lacking for a potential $20.00 cd purchase and tell you nothing of the SQ of a cd. I would love to sample some of John K's favorite classical, or some obscure canadian known only by locals. High quality mp3's would allow more songs without eliminating the SQ aspect, as would using a dvdr if nesessary.
The risk, of course, is the riaa. If they found us we would all be killed, or even worse. Not to mention the liability to Axiom.

Just a thought...
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