Oh, yes! I'm partial to Apple products, so AirPlay only support would be fine by me, but you'd be able to snag a wider market by including Bluetooth, so I think that's a must.

Stereo, for sure. Portability would be great, too. I once lugged my Audiobytes (sans sub) to a cabin in the woods and it wasn't very convenient so I haven't done it again. To make these Axiom AirPlay speakers portable, in addition to sizing them right, you should offer a briefcase-style carrying case as an optional accessory. You could make such a case double as an outboard rechargeable battery pack with flat lithium ion or even flatter lithium polymer batteries (as found in some laptops) along the bottom of the case.

So many possibilities... This is pretty exciting!
I can explain it to you but I can't understand it for you.