Yes Amie! Yes Ian!. I really hope this comes to market - there is a huge gap that is not being filled by anything decent.

I have a house full of speakers and do use airplay for a couple of rooms (I do it using airport expresses)..

Here are my thoughts and wishes...

Two models, indoor, outdoor.

Outdoor should be single, easily hangable on a wall box, (re-chargable) battery pack, weatherproof'ish would be great.

Actually I would make them both single boxes, nicely powered.


The bar for this (to me) would be the JBL Soundstage 400 which I drag around outside and in the kitchen. I like it ascetically as it is not too big and is not very placement dependant, and even with that size, as far as sound quality as it is the only single box I've heard that has any type of oomph and stereo imaging.

Competition: The new Beats audio boxes are very appealing to the youth. While not sonically very accurate, they do produce an appealing (to that market) sound.

On that note, to widen the appeal into teens bedrooms, I would add a dock for the device, even if it is just a usb port so that it could be used as a charger for phones.

Again, if you wanted to widen the use you could also add in an optical port so that the it could be used as a soundbar type of device to use in smaller tv rooms, bedrooms that may not have stereo set ups - most cable/sat boxes have optical outs on them.

Finally, I think that aesthetics are important in this market category.

And that is really my thoughts for these types of speakers, thanks for listening and good luck Amie!

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