I'm with Vassillios; two, distinct products.

First, stereo speakers based on the M3 for permanent installation. I think an external power supply is okay as long as it attaches to the wall with a regular size plug. I'm interested to know everyone's thinking on whether both speakers plug into the wall or one plugs into the wall and the other one plugs into the first one (I suspect the latter is the only feasible solution). The carrying case is a nice idea, but should be optional.

As to connectivity, I think you have to make provision for Bluetooth in addition to airplay. Maybe they are different models with different internals. A third option could be a wireless version that includes a transmitter that could be connected to any source device via analog jack so that the speakers could be used as surround speakers where wiring is problematic.

The second item would be small, portable, rechargeable and one piece. Something like a Jawbone Jambox. In our house, there is demand for something in the bathroom that can connect to iPad, iPod or Android phone. It wouldn't have to be tiny, but form factor matters.

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