My wife and I bought a new house, and I spent some time upconverting the game room into a media room. The game room measures 16" X 14" X 10", and is somewhat sound insulated. It is wired for 7.1 surround sound with 16 AWG cable.

What I need now is a 7.1 receiver with matching speakers. I'd really appreciate your input on which combination you'd select. I'm sort of a newbie in home theater/DVD Audio, so any input will be gratefully accepted.

I'm evenly split between listening to music (classical, easy listening, pop, soft rock) and watching movies (action, sci fi).

For a receiver, I'm trying to decide between:
a. Yamaha RX-V2400
b. Onkyo TX-SR 801
c. Denon AVR-3805

For the speakers, these are my four options:
a. B&W (602 S3 fronts, LCR600 S3 center,ASW 650 sub, 601 S3 sides and rear)
b. Aperion (intimus 7.1 speaker system S-12 sub)
c. JBL Northridge (JBL E80 fronts, JBL 3C35 center, JBL E30 sides and rear, JBL E250P sub)
d. Axiom Epic 60 with extra pair of QS8s

Thanks very much for your time ... have a great day.

Axiom M80Ti,VP150,QS8(4)
BenQ W1070, Panny DMP-BDT500, Sony CDPCX255, Denon 3805