"When some people find out they may not have gotten the "deal of the century" they get a little edgy. It's called "buyer's remorse." Deal with it."

No, I don't have any buyer's remorse at all. I'm 100% happy with my speakers. And I wish you luck with these if you choose to buy them. I'd love to hear your reviews when you do, of course.

So it sounds like you can't go wrong if you think that the price is worth it. I don't know why you're here trying to convince us about it instead of going over to Streem's site to buy your dream package.

The reviews I've looked at all seem to be a bit suspicious. They mostly seem to be around the same dates, posted by people who have no other postings. It very well could be made up from someone at the company who's trying to falsify reviews to make it look like the speakers are really the "deal of the century" that you say they are. Most of the posts seem to be reviews of the shipping boxes, anyway.

So like I said, have at it and let us know what you think of them instead of trying to validate your decision by trying to convince everyone on the Axiom boards that you've found the most amazing thing to happen to home audio since electricity.

Good luck.