Normally I don't get sucked in by newbie trolls, but I couldn't let a few of his comments pass.

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... this is Axiom's message board most assuredly staffed by Axiom's friendly staff.

Well you demonstrated your ignorance right off the bat. Any Axiom staff member that posts here, and that doesn't happen often, has his/her screen name in red. Any poster who's just an ordinary Joe/Jane has their name in blue, just like you.

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MarkB you ain't gonna find the answer you are looking for here ...

What he will find here are Axiom owners and others who will attempt to give as honest an opinion as possible. Will they be biased. Sure. Just as YOU ARE BIASED by your purchase. No more, no less. The biggest difference is we haven't gone to your home and insulted you.

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Well, let's just say that in appreciation for an honest, unbiased review on they have offered select customers, including me, a bonus gift. Not a bad way for them to get their name out there, eh!

Seeing as I am not an member it looks like I'll have to sign up for an account before posting my review. I suppose that explains the reviews from many new audio review members.

Now let me see if I have this correct. You're getting a "gift" from the manufacturer for a review that, as yet, is unpublished? Did the manufacturer suggest you submit this review? Did they solicit reviews by offering a gift for anybody that would write an "unbiased" review? Sounds like payola to me.

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that statement proves to me that this NeverHappy person is out and out lying.

Oh, VERY BAD FORM. Let's see, you come to the Axiom forum and in your first post call a member an out and out liar? Do you have any proof, or are you just libelous be nature?

Ah and the piece de resistance:

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The moral of the story, if you want an honest opinion visit an unbiased website for your answers.

Oh like your opinion, for which you are receiving a "gift" is, of course, TOTALLY unbiased.

I know nothing about you, except for the fact that you seem to have the habit of going off half cocked, but I would suspect you are young and naive. It's a certainty that you are rude and unwise. I suggest that you take a little time to grow and when you learn how to behave, you will be welcome here anytime.

Now prove to me that I'm wrong by posting a well thought out, considerate, logical reply.

Apologies to you, MarkB, for my testy reply. It's been a tough day.

"People generally quarrel because they cannot argue." - G. K. Chesterton