Man on man an I getting enjoyment reading this thread. It's like watching a four year old trying to explain speakers to an Engineer. This could go on forever. I think MarkB has gotten the answers he was looking for even if it took a little guidance. All in all I find that these discusions, though long are very informative. The passion that people place on HT is remarkable (ie calling people a liar, stupid ect). My hope, and I'm sure that it is reflected around this board, is that MarkB makes a good decision regarding speakers. We have ALL been ripped off in some fashion and it leaves a taste in your mouth you don't soon forget. If anyone does live near this Stream owner we should put this to rest by having them listened to. With the vast amount of Axiom owners out there I am sure someone would be interested in listening to them.

As a consumer, if I was offered $$ to post a review I would be a little taken back, but again, that's just me.

Hell buddy, I've got this pile of brown stuff that came out of my dog that I swear smells like roses. It sells for $100.00 but if you review my dogs brown stuff, I'll give it to you for $10.50. If you don't like my dog's brown stuff then please email me because I don't have a phone yet and I can't tell you where the brown stuff is made, but it is the best stuff out there for the money. How about it???

Thought that I'd try to get some laughter out of us all.