I can see this has degenerated into a flame war.

I seriously doubt "MtnBkr" is just a Streem shill who was waiting around here for me to find him. I know I'm no shill. That means the reviews on Audioreview must be correct. Streem is a paying sponsor on Audioreview's Web site. That means Audioreview must have some degree of confidence in the company.

All in all, this was HIGHLY educational. I'm glad I posted.

Thanks to "MtnBkr" for the honest advice in a sea of flame warriors.

"Buyer's Remorse" Strikes Again!!!! For all the Axiom owners who turned this into a flame war, get a life. You failed to represent your brand well. I gave you a chance, but you failed miserably. Goodbye.

Thanks again to "MtnBkr." I appreciate the help. Please register on Audioreview to post your FULL review. There are only a small number of Streem reviews right now, so I didn't know if I could trust them. Thanks again.

I knew I would get a lot of biased opinions around here. I'm not stupid. I was hoping there would be one "MtnBkr" in the herd, and was rewarded.

You rock, dude! Thank You!!