OK, my infatuation with my dream of becoming a drummer will not go away. You may laugh, but I figured that if I stayed interested long enough in RockBand to actually be able to beat most songs in Expert level then this might be something more than an another passing infatuation. I now beat almost all but a few songs in expert (Damn you Metallica) and I'm able to do all the beat lessons with my eyes closed to moderately fast speeds.

The key to getting to expert level was actually closing my eyes during when practicing the beat lessons. They were easy when you watch the gems fall but the real test of your timing comes when you can't see them coming.

OK enough self justification.

This set has been haunting me for a month now.

Five Piece Pearl Drum Kit (Target Series)
Excellent Condition
Sabian Rock Hi Hats, Sabian Crash, Sabian Splash
$600 which I assume is negotiable.

Full link is here if you care to let me know what you think.

I'd appreciate comments as to weather or not they are worth a minor, one hour drive to view closer. I'll be taking a real drummer for backup.

I had been looking for a deal on V-Drums or another electronic set but they are just out of my budget new and the local market for used equipment is pretty small around here. I'd prefer a 'real' set anyways but was thinking of trying to maintain my wifes sanity.

Thanks guys.

With great power comes Awesome irresponsibility.