ummm... not sure how to say this... but, that did something. \:\) After starting up after a power cycle and clearing the settings, I am getting a much better test tone now. So now I'm utterly confused, the intial pass through the first test tone kind of crackled a little louder then the second pass through the center channel was much more true, now all L, C and R test tones sound the same, crackling gone... thanks so much for the reset tip, wonder if that really could of done it???

It's late, but I think I'm going to go find a movie to put on, I actually just took some time to listen to some 2 channel music with the M22's and I'm smiling ear to ear, I was always very happy with my Celestions but these things sound great, I'm taking Friday off work to do some more critical listening and maybe a little Chapter 5 Transformers too \:\)

Thanks guys!