Welcome and congrats! \:\)

Sorry about that center channel. I understand about cost but FredK is right - do look around for used or refurb AVR's. You don't necessarily need to spend $1,000+ on one to get good sound. You never know what you could find at a garage sale or even a pawn shop.

eCost.com has refurb Denon AVR488's for $99 right now. 75x5, HDMI switching, etc. Simple and cheap. http://www.ecost.com/Detail/Speakers/Denon/AVR488/42301717.aspx?navid=155441514

Something like that would be pretty inexpensive, give you full surround sound, would likely sound fine, and would tide you over for a few months until the budget recovers for a 'serious' AVR later. Just an idea, anyway. I know that a blown center channel would drive me nuts.

Congrats again and welcome to the club! \:\)

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Wow! Talk about patience. Welcome Roar.

On the AVR, if money is tight and you have no plans for bluray, consider picking up an older model refurb or used that dosn't have HDMI. You should be able to find something local for less than $100.

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