Rather than starting a new thread... I thought I'd resurrect my very first thread I started here over 7 years ago when I bought my first set of Axiom's.

I've finally upgraded my M22 v2's! I just placed an order for a pair of M80's and a VP180. Hard to imagine getting more out of a set of speakers but my M22's did me proud for years.

They were perfect for my old theatre getting to live behind a great acoustically transparent screen I had made but we moved out of that house a couple of years and the new theatre isn't going to have an AT screen due to room limitations.

I've honestly been eyeing M80's for as long as I can remember... since I bought the M22's really. The cost really put them out of my reach then and not a whole lot has changed now, but with the B-Stock pricing and a little christmas bonus money to put towards them I decided to splurge.

They will be driven by my old reliable Emotiva XPA5 amp and Integra 80.2 processor so not a lot has changed over the years but I'm still really excited to own some floor standing speakers.

Merry Christmas to me smile (And everyone else too)