Well, I finally got a remote. Since at the moment I couldn't afford over $200 for the One, I settled for a 720 for $80 on Craigslist. I have to say that so far, I like it. The programming of the remote in order to get everything up and running was pretty quick, however it took me a while in order to get each menu setup in the order that I wanted. The only thing that I don't like about the remote is the fact that we can't enter discrete hex codes manually. This is a drawback since a lot of them are widely available on the internet. I read that if you buy the remote brand new, you have free technical support for a year and they will add for you any code available. The problem is that I bought it used and the support has expired for my device. So my question is if logitech is able to add it, it's possible so why don't they enable this feature on their remote? Even better, since they already have a huge database of the extra discrete codes, why don't they include them in their software instead of installing them one by one on a customer basis? That beats me. Some would be very pratical like switching the TV from internal speakers to amplifier. I tryed to create a sequence, but the 720 only allows me 5 instructions and I need 9 to do this. So I splitted it between 2 buttons. It works but it takes forever for the instructions to get executed one by one and everything gets displayed on the screen which is annoying. I know that a discrete code exists for that and my support wouldn't have expired, logitech would have added it for me. Well, that's what I get for buying used stuff
The other thing that I didn't like is that I couldn't find a way to start an activity with one of the devices being OFF at the beginning of the activity. I wanted "Watch TV" to start with the receiver OFF and then I would enable it with a soft key. I couldn't do that because the RCV would be ON on startup. So I had to create 2 activities, one with the RCV and one without.
So overall, I am very please that I don't have no more to be looking for all these remotes, the 720 looks good and it's very easy to use and fairly simple to program. However, a lot of thing could be very easily added in order to increase the functionality of the harmony remotes (at least the 720).

Regarding the question that I asked about the dialog not being clear, it is, like some of you mentioned, dependant on how the movie was mixed. Some are better that others. I will still try to get the VP-150 as soon as I can to help in this matter.

Also, Can someone explain the difference between DRC (Dynamic Range Compression) and Audyssey Dynamic Volume? They seem to both have the similar purpose to attenuate the loud sequences and emphasize the quite ones but the results are a bit different. It seems to me that DRC produces a better result than D.VOL. Any comments?

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