Hello everyone!

My name is Amie Lucyk and I'll be glad to help you with any questions you may have regarding the area and what to do while you're here!

The following is a list I'll be updating regularly. Please private message me your plans and I will update the list accordingly.

Please contact our audio expert to give them your credit card information if you haven't already done so. They're on call from 10am-10pm everyday and the number to reach them is 1-866-244-8796.

Confirmed (With Accomodation)

medic8r (Friday to Sunday Lumina/Pine Acre)
tomtuttle (Friday to Sunday Lumina/Pine Acre)
pmbuko (Friday to Sunday Lumina/Pine Acre)
a401classic (Friday to Sunday Lumina/Pine Acre)
R. Devries (Friday to Sunday Spring Lake)
Ray3 (Friday to Sunday Blue Spruce/Cottage #3)
Ajax (Friday to Sunday Blue Spruce/Cottage #3)
chesseroo (Friday-Spring Lake/Saturday-Blue Spruce/Cottage #7)
David Longe (Saturday to Sunday Blue Spruce/Cottage #7)
wheelz999 (Friday to Sunday Blue Spruce/Cottage #11)
sonicfox (Friday to Sunday Blue Spruce/Studio)
BobKay (Thursday to Sunday Spring Lake)
Murph (Friday to Tuesday Spring Lake)
fredk (Thursday to Sunday Spring Lake)
Alan Lofft (Thursday to Sunday Spring Lake)
BBIBH (Friday to Sunday Spring Lake)
Worfzara x2(Saturday to Sunday Spring Lake)
Brent Tombari (Thursday to Sunday Fox Point)
Jean Claude Benoit (Thursday to Sunday Fox Point)

Confirmed (Have Own Accomodation)

MarkSJohnson (Thursday to Sunday Holiday Inn)
onn (Friday to Sunday Dwight Village)
Adrian (Saturday)
FordPrefect (Saturday)
HAY (Saturday)
Kevin Hnatiw x3 (Saturday)
real80sman (Saturday)
bridgman (Saturday)
Michael Baranowski (Saturday)

Really Want to Make It


Playing Golf on Friday at BIGWIN ISLAND


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