Well....I give up. Don't post too much on this board but thought I needed to at least pass the info along.

My EP -600 is once again all but dead. Output is down to about nil. It is on it's 5th amp that is now dead. I won't be putting in a 6th.

There's a lot more info here from previous posts:


I don't abuse my audio equipment. I have an almost 20 year old M&K MX-200 sub that still works great. Puts the EP-600 to shame. Same with a bunch of other equipment. Everything is hooked up to power protection. Rarely do I ever play anything at "reference" levels. Just normal home use. Mostly music. Also have a bunch of other Axiom stuff. 2 rooms full. M80's, VP-150, M22's, Q-8's and 4's and an EP-350. All of them work just fine.

But IMO the new amp design on the new subs....EP-600....is crap. Sorry folks but you really missed the ball on this one. There's just no way I should be on my 5th amp, let alone needing a 6th. Go back to the old analog design. It was SOOOO much better.

Seems you are trying to save $$ by utilizing a cheaper / less quality amp design. Not good. I've said it before and will again. I'd rather drop an extra couple hundred dollars in the first place than have to deal with endless dead amps.

In their defense the folks at Axiom have always been good to deal with and truly do want things to work. Wish it did. But weeks / months of down time are just too much any more. Time to move on.

2 - HSU ULS-15's on the way.

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