I'm in the market for ideally a used 16' Hobie Cat.
Sharon and I are looking for something to buzz around the bay in and get over to the beach a little quicker than our kayaks when we feel like it. I'm thinking this would be perfect as much of the water off my property is very shallow until you get out a good ways. So not having a center board is ideal plus being able to sail right up to the beach will be nice as well.

I've been around boats of all types long enough that I can give just about anything a good look over for soft spots and judge it's general shape but since this board is always a surprising wealth of knowledge I thought I'd mention it here. I've sailed on one a few times but never owned a Hobie or any other catamaran for that matter so I'm sure there are some good things to know that are specific to the craft.

Thanks for all comments and suggestions.
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