I've heard it...still a classic. BTW, the Shostakovich 10th (and 5th) you've requested is a later recording than the one I mentioned which he recorded when he was conductor of the Halle some years back. So many versions of recordings we've discussed can be found on Rhapsody for $5.00 per month. In fact I was very surprised that some of the most interesting and recently released recordings are on that site and it is so cheap! One example is the new "complete" Bruckner 9th with Rattle and the Berlin Philharmonic. Apparently, according to the reviewers in Gramophone magazine, this is the definitive complete Bruckner 9th around. But then again, Skrowaczewski is a master of Bruckner and his 9th (the traditional 3 movement version) with the Minnesota Orchestra on "Reference" is masterful with fantastic sound and to me absolutely the best version around. The 2 symphonies by Shostakovitch you've requested are also on Rhapsody, as is the Shipway version of his 10th. I was able to hear a few minutes of the beginning of the Shipway 10th today while at work. I was impressed with what I heard. His tempo seems to be a little faster than most others...I enjoyed it and look forward to hearing the whole symphony in one sitting. Shipway's Mahler 5th and Mehta's 5th with the LAPO are also there....Cheers...Lee

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