I'll listen to the Shipway. If the rest of the symphony is as good as the first few minutes I heard, then I think it will be a stand-out. I have yet to hear Petrenko's, but it received great reviews and people seem to like it. BTW, I have Mehta's Mahler 2nd on a DVD-A with the Israel Phil. It seems to have received very fine reviews. Unfortunately I cannot yet hear it in surround since I don't yet own an up-to-date receiver, but I am getting close to making a decision. In stereo the sound is rather poor (I think that is due to the mixing for DVD-A, and it is also issued separately in pure stereo, which will most likely is much better, frustrating!). But his interpretation did sound consistent with the VPO recording and I am likely to buy the Decca Legends issue because the performance is better, more precise and with a superior orchestra. How was the Shostakovich 5th? I've only heard his ultra dry Mercury recording with the Minneapolis Symphony recorded 50 years ago.

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