9.1 system with a second sub (sorry, trying to stay technically correct since there is no such thing as a 9.2 system, just like my 7.1.4 system with 2 subs isn't a 7.2.4 system. It isn't a count of speakers, but a count of the audio "channels" and there is only 1 single sub/LFE "channel" even if you have more than 1 connection on your receiver).

Anyway. If not going Atmos, then go for a better center channel. The center channel is the single most used speaker in a home theater setup. More detail and audio comes out of it than anything else, and it is so critical. For way too long people have skimped on their center channels and had these larger, better quality left and right channels, but for straight home theater that isn't good.

So better center channel gets my vote if I had to pick.

Farewell - June 6, 2020