The room looks great. Nice work.

Can't comment specifically on the Yamaha, but I would second setting speaker size manually and measuring distances and spl per channel. I'm not sure about your in-wall subwoofer setup options, but I would recommend spending some time trying to align it with your main channels. Almost always the subs lag behind the mains in time (phase) so it is a good idea to set the distance in your AVR longer than its physical location. You can determine the correct length by playing a sine tone at your crossover frequency and measuring spl at your listening location. Max output means you are in phase. To really get things dialed in you can look at impulse plots and advance as many cycles or "wraps" required to align the sub to mains as closely as possible in the time domain.

It's also probably a good idea to WOW\DVE\MUNSIL disc your PJ as well. Every 6 months is a good idea to keep it on track as the bulb temp and brightness drifts, depending on usage. Takes 10 mins once you get the hang of it. WOW also comes with a pretty handy tool for dialing in lipsync delay. Technical tweaking is the fun part where you can really unlock every last drop of performance you paid for. All the little improvements added up equal a big change.

Looks like a nice spot to watch the big game. cool The grill mesh on your gear cupboard is a great and stylish idea.

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