Thanks very much. I will try your advice on the subwoofer. right now it is set at the same distance as the mains. I was considering one of the discs for my projector. Last night I watch Don't Breath. Most of the movie is in the dark with the characters using flashlights and such. The blacks looked TERRIBLE, very pixelated. I was at first quite disheartened. I did some quick manual adjusting and was able to improve it greatly so clearly the projector needs calibration. That made me feel a bit better. I may play with it manually for a while and see if I can dial it in myself. I used the WOW DVD with a Mitsubishi rear projection TV once and it didn't seem to make a difference. The TV may have been calibrated to its best potential out of the box, not sure. My projector sure wasnt I know that. Perhaps the DVD will be better used with a PJ?

The mesh grill was my wifes idea. Pretty good one for sure. I will say it was actually surprisingly hard to find and they are quite expensive if you want something pre-finished. $200-$400 for a 24"x48" sheet. There are some unfinished options out there that are a TON cheaper but then you are looking at spray painting and that may not get you the look you want.

It all matters.....just not very much.