Wow, ya! i defiantly don't have the money to spend on a receiver that has double the output. However i don't mind spending money on a great A/V receiver now and adding a pre out a little later. (i was all over the Onkyo's as its always been a want for myself, but the Yamaha Avenatage 880/1080's are looking quite nice. (yamaha was my first ever system :D)

What type of pre amp would drive the M5's, or M60s in terms of power ? would 500 watts be sufficient or is that not enough to get the full range.

Also sorry if this is a stupid question, but with the pre Amp set up, does that "available power" now become useful to the other channels, if they were to call for it?

Also i was hoping for a few M60 V4 owners to chime in, the wife surprised me last night when i told her i wanted to upgrade and she said "well you better do it soon" i practically fell to my knees, the audio gods have been whispering in her sweet sweet kind ears lol.