They are NOT defective, whatever you think. It has all been explained above. Any amp WILL clip if driven past its limits, I don't care if you have a Rotel or whatever. You say yours did not clip, what facts or equipment do you have to back that statement.

That you asked that question in the pissy-assed tone you used, and actually think a person needs complicated testing equipment to prove clipping is occurring is enough to demonstrate that there is nothing I can do or say to you to explain the obvious to you.

And what really bugs me about your response is that you seamed to forget that YOU posted the question asking for advise, and that YOU posted the problems your are experiencing, and YOU are the one who continues to negate anything that anyone else has posted that does not coincide with what you want to hear. > there is nothing wrong.

I am doing nothing but trying to help you out and possibly anyone else gullible enough to believe that nothing is wrong here. I will not do that again, at least not for you.

I should have learned my lesson trying to make you aware of a potential unsafe grounding situation in your home. – that you chose to ignore as well.