I have Verizon DSL 3mb/768k service. I pay $29.99/month. I'm pretty happy with it*. It's been very reliable & I get 95%+ of the advertised speeds 24x7x365.

Before that, when I still had cable, I had a cable modem through our local cable company (Mediacom). It certainly had blazing download speeds but I used to have a lot of congestion issues during peak demand times (5-9pm). I also had to reboot the cable modem about once a week. That was many years ago though.

*I will offer one tidbit of advice to anyone having problems with Verizon DSL. Contact their support people through the "Verizon Direct" forum over on dslreports.com. This is a service where Verizon has special reps that offer one-on-one help in a forum format that bypasses the call-center drones. In short, you get help from real problem-solvers. They can make things happen. I once had a connectivity problem and couldn't get much help from the 800 number script-readers. I found that forum out of desperation. The experience there was nothing short of amazing. Questions answered, action taken, problem solved. I had Verizon Tech support calling me to make sure that the problem was solved. \:\) Through that forum, Verizon was able to deliver support about on par with what I'm used to from Axiom, which is about the highest praise I can give to a company.
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