Wow, there must have been a disturbance in the force... I log in 3 days after this is posted.

Sad to say, nothing really exciting keeping me busy... just more to do around the house since I became unexpectedly single this summer. Have to wear two hats these days... though I figure in another year or two I may figure out how to fold every size of towel I own and make them look like the ones I folded the week before.

- Did some dating (dating in one's thirties is a train wreck, let me tell you - where's SpeakerGrrl when you need her?)

- Still doing a lot of shooting (only some of which was tied to the dating)

- Spent the summer and fall doing a lot of wood refinishing (mostly gunstocks - been buying up a lot of "fixer-uppers", many of them end up in the hands of people that used to own one just like it... that's always worth a smile... "hey, I had one of these when I was a kid...")

- Been actually USING the home theatre a lot more (now that it's not a democratic vote on movies to watch, been going back and watching or re-watching a ton of war movies, if anyone's got some suggestions, let me know... though at a rate of 6-7 a week, I think I've almost covered the genre)... ended up having to buy a new TV, nothing shocking or amazing, just a 42" RCA LCD.

Other than those things, just been doing the day-to-day "life" stuff.

Bren R.