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I know you don't want to go with a different speaker suggestion but I don't really get why you want to stick to the VP100. If you want to go to 6.1, a single QS8 is pretty much the same price and would work better in dispersing the sound IMO.

yeah, i did, but, that's an excellent point you bring up. most places i have read that it's best to have direct firing speakers for the back surrounds and bi-di or quad polar speakers for the sides (and i have QS8v3's for that).

this brings about another good question, how many folks use a single Q series speaker in a 6.1 fashion? I do know that they do an incredible job as side surrounds.

again, another really good suggestion that i hadn't thought of. so, people, feel free to chime in on a single QS8v3 or a VP100v3 speaker for a 6.1 system doing surround back duties and please include your for & against points.

edit: i would like to add this in the mix, one, this is going to be a new installation as i'm moving from where i currently am and secondly, there is a big opening where a wall was removed between rooms and there is a small 8" section left of that wall before it hits the ceiling and that is where i was gonna put the VP100v3. the height of the existing QS8v3's would be almost 2' lower than the surround back. just thought i'd mention that should it be important to anyone who is giving me suggestions. yeah, i know that's what calibration is for but just thought i'd throw that in there! end edit!

this is great, this is one of the best things about these forums!

thanks to everyone!

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