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My thoughts is there must be someway to temporarily hang it from both positions, even if that means putting some holes in the walls for anchor screws in both places. Then it should be a small-ish matter to fill in the holes and paint over it later. Just run the wires over the floor for now.

understood completely and already thought of that. my thought is that there are folks who probably have a 6 or 7 channel system and some have the surround backs either as close or as far as the 2 options i mentioned. i was hoping those folks would chime in on how they like what they have. i was also hoping that some of them would be QS8v3 users for the 6 & 7 channels for some real true insight.

this would be real food for thought from folks who actually have it both near and far and there feedback would help be decide without the holes; if possible.

if i got enough folks that have the same speaker and is used for the same channel(s) and can say they liked it better farther away because it created a much deeper sound field for the back channels OR that the speaker could not create the sound field they wanted back there and they moved it closer towards the side surronds that would be a great help in my thinking.

again, thanks for your quick reply and suggestions.
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